PNCR Trainings


Is there a cost associated with PNCR trainings?

No. Our trainings and workshops are presented at no cost through our grant with the New York State Education Department.

Will PNCR travel into the community to present trainings?

Yes. We are able to travel to various locations within the 13 counties that we serve. In order to travel to an off-site location, we need to have a minimum of 6-8 individuals registered in advance for the training. We frequently present our trainings at community libraries, universities, community centers, school districts, non-profit provider agencies, and other locations. We can also speak at SEPTAs and parent support group meetings.  

How do I schedule a training in my area?

If you would like to schedule a training in your area, please contact Sheri Gaylord at 518-640-3333 to discuss your needs. You will be asked for details such as your topic of interest, date and time options, and a brief description of your target audience. Per our grant requirements, PNCR is not permitted to provide professional development trainings. Our training content and delivery is focused on and designed to meet the needs of parents and families whose school age children have disabilities.